Sunday, October 30, 2016

Senior Enviro Fernz

Today the Enviro Fernz came together for their weekly meeting and noticed that the plant boxes round the field were overgrown with weeds. After a quarter of an hour the bucket was three quarters of the way full with different sizes, shapes and species of weeds. Some plant boxes had more weeds than others, one of them looked like it was weeded recently. Then we carried on to see the spiky,spiky grass outside Room 19 and 18. Fortunately one was in good care although the others looked they watered in years. Finally we went to see Mrs Masters and she identified what  could go the to the chickens. Year three will have the responsibility of these plant boxes for the
upcoming term.
By Naomi, Alex, Lucy & Eve

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trees For Survival

Room 32 is running the Trees for Survival programme this year. We had our planting day at Mataia Farm in Kaipara. 
We were lucky enough to have mostly fine weather and not to get too wet (unless it was voluntarily). We planted 750 Harakeke (flax) and Manuka. The reason for planting these trees is to stop erosion of farm land and create healthier water ways and homes for our kiwi and other native insects and animals that live at Mataia farm. 

Rubbish Collection

The senior and junior Enviro Fronds action groups have been busy picking up rubbish around the school grounds and in the gully. We found far too much rubbish! We all need to protect our school environment by bringing litterless lunches to school, or putting any rubbish we do have into the correct room or taking it home - not leaving it on the ground! And if you do see some rubbish on the ground, please pick it up!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Year 6 1+ a Day - Blog Post Written by Room 28 Students

( Rubbish found at Okahu Bay during Waterwise)
(Plastic found at Okahu bay during Waterise)
Waterwise and 1+ A Day
For 1+ A Day the year sixes have been opening workshops in each of our classrooms, these include Blogging, Posters, Songs/Raps and Interviews to promote it around New Zealand and the world!
We are also carrying on the good work by picking up litter at Waterwise each Friday, this helps clean up the beach so therefore making a safer environment for the marine life at Okahu bay. We also want to make it nicer for tourists and visitors trying to enjoy the beach.
The reason we started 1+ A Day was because Verran Road School did a presentation about 1+ A Day. They were inspired by a video about turtles dying because of the plastic. The  plastic things that hold the 6 pack of beer cans can get into the ocean, and turtles can swim half through the holes. Then they get stuck in the holes and the thing stays on them for the rest of their lives!  “Let's make this beach great again” Written by Room 28 Students

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Oxfam Hot Chocolate Break

On Tuesday, Meadowbank School hosted an Oxfam Fair Trade Hot Chocolate Break, organised by the Enviro Fernz leaders. Children received a fair trade hot chocolate, a fair trade banana and a piece of baking in exchange for a gold coin donation.
We were raising money to donate to people living in poverty in Australasia.
As a school we raised a total of $777.80 profit, smashing our goal of $600! Here are some photos of the junior side event:




Sunday, May 15, 2016

Oxfam Hot Chocolate Break 2016

The Envirofernz are hosting an exciting event on Tuesday the 24th May. Search the link for more details!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Swan Plants

Last term, the junior enviro club worked on maintaining the swan plants. We put bags on the seed pods to collect the seeds and later plant them, we took caterpillars to the caterpillar hospital in the butterfly meadow and we set a monarch butterfly free that had hatched from it's chrysalis in the 'hospital'. The purpose of the butterfly hospital is to protect caterpillars from wasps. Look at the fun we had fun while looking after our environment!